New Baby Q and A

Are you expecting a baby?  Whether it’s your first baby or your first, we are here to answer all of the questions that might arise about proper baby etiquette:

Question:  I am expecting my first baby.  My mother wants me to send out birth announcements to all of her friends.  What is the proper etiquette regarding who should receive birth announcements?

Having a baby is a special time in your life and won’t happen very often.  There is no reason to get in a fight with your mom about sending out birth announcements to her friends.  She’s a pround grandma for goodness sake!  A couple months prior to giving birth, you should make a list of everyone that you think would like to know about your new bundle of joy.  No reason to be shy.  Everyone likes to look at baby pictures.  With plenty of time before the big day, make sure to complete your list of who will receive your birth announcement.  Print off labels in advance, purchase the stamps and get those envelopes ready to send out.  This way all you will need to do is complete the actual announcement after the baby is born, because since this is your first baby, you will soon find out that you will be quite busy after the baby is born so do as much in advance now as you can.

Question:  It’s already been 2 months since my baby was born.  Is it too late to send out announcements?

Not a problem – send out those announcements!  Typical protocol is that the announcements should be sent out as soon as the baby is born, but it is OK at any time within 6 months after your baby’s birth.  Sending out birth announcements is also a great way to get back in contact with those long lost relatives or high school friends with whom you’ve lost touch.

Question:  I’m having my second baby and my friends want to give me a shower.  I’ve heard that baby showers should only be given for your first baby.  What do you think?

Well you are correct.  Baby etiquette says that you shouldn’t give a shower for your second child.  Why do your friends want to give you a shower?  Were they not around for your first shower?  If for some reasont this group of friends were unable to make your first shower, then that is fine to have a small shower with this group of close friends.  However, it would be very poor etiquette to expect anyone to attend your second shower that also attended your first shower.  So check your list and maybe check it twice to make sure that someone doesn’t feel obligated to get you gifts for both showers.  A better idea would be to just invite your close friends to a luncheon in the name of your baby-to-be.   You might even want to put on this luch invitation “no gifts please.”

Question:  I am looking to have my nursery on a different floor than my master bedroom.  Is this a good idea?

Baby etiquette would only recommend this if there is no place for new baby to sleep on your floor.  If this is your first baby, you will soon find out that babies wake at all hours of the night — so you better invest in a good baby monitor.  Walking up and down stairs at all hours of the night could be hazardous, especially if you are walking these stairs with your baby in your arms.  Bottom line.  Keep the baby on the same floor with you until he or she is sleeping through the night.  You’ll all be better off.

Question:  My older daughter has a bunk bed.  Should I be worried when my baby starts to become mobile that she could hurt herself?

Good question, but not one that you will have to worry about for a few months.  When you baby starts to crawl, make sure that you keep the door closed of your older daughter’s room.  It takes quite a few years before little kids can open door knobs, so that deterrent alone should keep your toddler off of the bunk bed.  Once it appears as if your little one is getting a little more adventurous, you should consider placing a child door knob safety cover on it to keep her out.  If you think your older daughter will forget to close her door, then you should consider removing the ladder from the bunk bed until you are comfortable that your little peanut is ready to face the challenge.