Tips on Nursery Photography

Nursery photography is not as easy as you think. Taking pictures of babies, toddlers and kids can be quite challenging at times. Most children are not really that interested in having their pictures taken because they would rather run around and play. So here are some tips and guide on how to make your nursery photography easier and take great looking pictures of your kids.

When taking pictures of children, you have to focus your lens on their eyes. This way, you are ensuring that the face of the child is in focus. Plus, you can tell a lot from the expression of the eyes and this holds true even for children. The viewer of the picture also feels a connection to the photo if they can see the eyes of the subject.

The best shots are taken if you are crouching, down on your knees and at level height with kids. If you are taking pictures of toddlers, get down on your tummy. Babies like having adults crouch down on their tummies and you might get a giggle from them. It is guaranteed that your shots on this perspective will be absolutely beautiful.

My Princess Party

Babies and kids up to four years of age can get a little grumpy when they are in front of the camera so you have got to get your play mode going. You want to get the natural joyful expression of the children and they are happiest when they are playing. It is up to you to find ways to get those happy shots.  Other ways to ensure beautiful and candid photographs is to take pictures of your children while doing the things they love.  My daughter recently had a princess birthday party and she was all smiles, ear to ear for the entire day.  She enjoyed wearing her princess costume so much that she fell asleep wearing it!  Make sure to zoom in enough during those special shots to capture your child’s expressions, especially when she’s doing something like blowing out the candles on a birthday cake.

Zoom your camera into the face of your kids until they fill your view finder. You may cut the top of the head or the chin but it’s alright, do not worry about it. What’s important is to get that face shot real close.

Get a good background for your photos. Often we are focused on the kids expression and movements that we forget the background. If you are not aware of the background you may get telephone poles and cable lines that seem to grow from the kid’s head. Take the background into consideration and those photos will turn out gorgeous.

Always be creative in the angles of your shots. You can take pictures from below or from above. You can lay down beside them when they are sleeping and take those shots. It is also important to have fun and enjoy what you are doing.

Some cameras have sports mode where it can capture fast moving subjects. This is essential when taking pictures of children because they like to move. Capture those action moments when your kids are chasing the puppy, splashing in the tub and other playtime activities.

These are just some of the tips that you can use to get those wonderful and artistic shots. Remember to be creative and never impose yourself on the kids, it is much better to have those natural shots with real expression that can tell a lot of story.

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