Cherished Memories

If you want to announce to everyone, your friends and families about your newborn baby, you can upload your pictures instantly to your Shutterfly account.  Now in the digital age we live in, everyone around the world will expect to receive weekly if not daily updates via the web of the new addition to the family.  We all know how important it is to let your loved ones see your baby. The first photos of your baby will be very memorable and Cherished Memories know that.  It’s important that you share the best quality photo and portrait of your baby which everyone can see on the internet.

Cherished Memories will provide you with a Hospital Code and a Unique ID number which you will enter on their website so that you can see your baby’s photos. You can give the code and the ID number to your friends so that they can see the photo of your baby. Now that is a unique and great way to tell everyone about your adorable baby.

You can be sure that Cherished Memories prioritizes the security of every photo they have on their website. The first memorable photos of your baby deserve something special and Cherished Memories is here to give you those pictures that will last a lifetime.

Unfortunatley, Cherished Memories no longer provides this service, but that’s OK.  As we stated earlier in the post, you can go directly to and instantaneouly upload your baby pictures to the web for all your family and friends to see.  You don’t have to be a pro to do it.  With just a few simple clicks you can start sharing all your cherished memories with those that are important in your life.  Having an online photo gallery is great tool to use as your child grows!  You can take tons of photos and file all of your child’s big events online for your closest friends and relatives to see.  As your child grows, make sure to add  all their favorite events to your online photo book – from her very first steps to her first halloween sporting that adorable fairy costume.   You can divide up each year by season or your can categorize by holiday and vacation.  With iphones and other small cameras that can be easily carried in your pocket, there is no reason why every important (and not so important) memery should be memorialized cherished for years to come.

Once you’ve established your online photo book, it is very easy to convert these online pictures into personalized photo books.  For my daughter’s 4th birthday, I prepared for her a photo book of her life that included pictures from the day she was born to more recent events in her life.  She just loves to look at that book and point out all her family relatives and special times that we’ve shared.  The great thing about these photo books is that they are not expensive and they are completely replaceable.  Unlike photo albums of the distant past, its OK if she accidently rips a page or soils the book from overuse.  Just return to your online photo book and print the book  again.

We hope you enjoy reading all of our photo taking tips of both your baby, children and nursery.   Please let us know what additional information you feel would be helpful for us to discuss in the blog.  Thank you for visiting.

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