Web Nursery: A Special Way to Announce the Birth of Your Baby

Web nursery is an internet based birth announcement service and it consists of portraits of newborn babies. Some hospital websites have their own web nursery section where you can find your newborn baby’s pictures by entering details such as the date of birth of the baby and the last name of the mother. Web Nursery is a new way for the mothers to share the news of their newborn baby. This Web Nursery is one of the fastest growing service in the hospitals today. Every parent would love to see their newborn baby pictures being uploaded in the internet. Everyone can immediately see your baby even without visiting the hospital, they just have to go to the website to view the baby portraits.

What are the procedures for this new service? How does this work? These are the first few questions that you might ask if you want to avail for this web nursery service. The hospital staff or nurse will ask the new mothers if they want their newborn baby’s photos to be posted on the web nursery section. The mother should also provide the baby’s information in the order form. When the photos have been uploaded in the web nursery, the mothers would receive an email telling them that they can now check the baby’s profile and pictures on the internet. Friends and family members can easily access the profile of the baby showing the photos and other information like the baby’s name, length, weight and birth date.

The service knows that you also need security so web nursery will provide you with a special password which you can only give to your family and friends. Those people who were given the password will be the only ones who can view the baby’s webpage. For additional security and more privacy, the last name is never shown and  the personal identification is kept hidden.

This is a unique and special way to announce to your loved ones and your friends about the arrival of your new baby. The portraits and photos on the web nursery are considered keepsakes that the parents will forever cherish.


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