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Cherished Memories is a blog about our children and making sure we capture those special moments so we have cherished memories for years to come.  I know it is so cliché, but enjoy them while you can because time with the little ones goes by so fast.  The best way to capture each wonderful moment of your children is by taking tons and tons of pictures.  The problem that many parents have is that they do a fine job in taking the pictures, but then they never go to the next step of printing out the pictures. 

This blog will help you take better pictures – which in this instance I mean more candid and more interesting pictures of your children.   Don’t you want to take pictures that you are proud to display in your home?  These pictures you won’t want to relegate to just your digital photo frame. 

Now just don’t take those pictures I have fond memories as a child flipping through the stacks of velvet covered photo albums that were all about my brother and me growing up.  I have two adorable but challenging daughters, Anna is 7 and Allie is 4 and unlike my mom, I have not done a great job in taking their pictures.  This blog will help me focus more on capturing their youth and their innocence and display them in our home. 

With websites like ww.shutterfly.com, you can look like an expert photographer even without the training.  Use their site to crop, straighten, turn color pictures into sepia tones or black and white, improve the color tones in the photos and even remove unwanted background noise. 

Get your kids interested in photography by having them take their own pictures of their family and friends.  My oldest daughter’s favorite picture that we feature prominently in her room is of her in her mermaid costume when she was only 4.  She has it framed in this adorable three dimensional mermaid frame and it goes wonderfully in her mermaid themed bedroom.  When your children are really little (say between 2 and 5 years old), you think about purchasing a kid’s digital camera for their own use.  I have to say the quality is not great, but my 4 year old loves her Fisher Price digital camera.  Not only can she take pictures but videos as well.   There appears to be very limited options for children that are older than 6 but not old enough yet for an adult camera.  The Polaroid Pixie is adorable (pink) and has received great reviews.  It can be more difficult to use but kids these days are way more technical savvy than many parents are willing to give them credit for.  You can purchase the Polaroid Pixie at Amazon for around $70.    

For older children, consider getting them an adult inexpensive digital camera.   Encourage your child to display his or her pictures.  You can purchase DIY scrapbook kits which would be a fun project for girls to do with their friends on rainy days, or consider purchasing for your kid’s room either some fun and whimsical photo frames or try something different like the Roommates Peel and Stick Wall Frames.   These innovative products are great for pre-teen and teenage rooms for them to decorate themselves.   Don’t worry mom, these peel and stick picture frame stickers can be place on bedroom walls without nails, tape or any damage to the walls.  They come in a variety of funky styles that your child is sure to love.   I’ve shown a picture of them for you to see. 

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