Cherished Memories

June 7th, 2011

If you want to announce to everyone, your friends and families about your newborn baby, you can upload your pictures instantly to your Shutterfly account.  Now in the digital age we live in, everyone around the world will expect to receive weekly if not daily updates via the web of the new addition to the family.  We all know how important it is to let your loved ones see your baby. The first photos of your baby will be very memorable and Cherished Memories know that.  It’s important that you share the best quality photo and portrait of your baby which everyone can see on the internet.

Cherished Memories will provide you with a Hospital Code and a Unique ID number which you will enter on their website so that you can see your baby’s photos. You can give the code and the ID number to your friends so that they can see the photo of your baby. Now that is a unique and great way to tell everyone about your adorable baby.

You can be sure that Cherished Memories prioritizes the security of every photo they have on their website. The first memorable photos of your baby deserve something special and Cherished Memories is here to give you those pictures that will last a lifetime.

Unfortunatley, Cherished Memories no longer provides this service, but that’s OK.  As we stated earlier in the post, you can go directly to and instantaneouly upload your baby pictures to the web for all your family and friends to see.  You don’t have to be a pro to do it.  With just a few simple clicks you can start sharing all your cherished memories with those that are important in your life.  Having an online photo gallery is great tool to use as your child grows!  You can take tons of photos and file all of your child’s big events online for your closest friends and relatives to see.  As your child grows, make sure to add  all their favorite events to your online photo book – from her very first steps to her first halloween sporting that adorable fairy costume.   You can divide up each year by season or your can categorize by holiday and vacation.  With iphones and other small cameras that can be easily carried in your pocket, there is no reason why every important (and not so important) memery should be memorialized cherished for years to come.

Once you’ve established your online photo book, it is very easy to convert these online pictures into personalized photo books.  For my daughter’s 4th birthday, I prepared for her a photo book of her life that included pictures from the day she was born to more recent events in her life.  She just loves to look at that book and point out all her family relatives and special times that we’ve shared.  The great thing about these photo books is that they are not expensive and they are completely replaceable.  Unlike photo albums of the distant past, its OK if she accidently rips a page or soils the book from overuse.  Just return to your online photo book and print the book  again.

We hope you enjoy reading all of our photo taking tips of both your baby, children and nursery.   Please let us know what additional information you feel would be helpful for us to discuss in the blog.  Thank you for visiting.

Web Nursery: A Special Way to Announce the Birth of Your Baby

June 5th, 2011

Web nursery is an internet based birth announcement service and it consists of portraits of newborn babies. Some hospital websites have their own web nursery section where you can find your newborn baby’s pictures by entering details such as the date of birth of the baby and the last name of the mother. Web Nursery is a new way for the mothers to share the news of their newborn baby. This Web Nursery is one of the fastest growing service in the hospitals today. Every parent would love to see their newborn baby pictures being uploaded in the internet. Everyone can immediately see your baby even without visiting the hospital, they just have to go to the website to view the baby portraits.

What are the procedures for this new service? How does this work? These are the first few questions that you might ask if you want to avail for this web nursery service. The hospital staff or nurse will ask the new mothers if they want their newborn baby’s photos to be posted on the web nursery section. The mother should also provide the baby’s information in the order form. When the photos have been uploaded in the web nursery, the mothers would receive an email telling them that they can now check the baby’s profile and pictures on the internet. Friends and family members can easily access the profile of the baby showing the photos and other information like the baby’s name, length, weight and birth date.

The service knows that you also need security so web nursery will provide you with a special password which you can only give to your family and friends. Those people who were given the password will be the only ones who can view the baby’s webpage. For additional security and more privacy, the last name is never shown and  the personal identification is kept hidden.

This is a unique and special way to announce to your loved ones and your friends about the arrival of your new baby. The portraits and photos on the web nursery are considered keepsakes that the parents will forever cherish.


Online Nursery

June 5th, 2011

Online nursery are websites on the internet that is all about babies and kids. Think about anything related to kids and these online nursery website has section for it. They will give you tips on how to properly take care of your first baby, what proper nourishment and vitamins to give them and other parent advice that you will need to assist you on taking care of your baby. Other online nursery sites will show you the latest baby products such as clothes, shoes, baby strollers and others that you can buy at a reasonable price.

These online nursery sites are important for parents because having a kid and taking care of them is a very serious undertaking. You have to know the best and safest products you can buy for your kids. You will find great tips and advice when you join forums that talk about responsible parenthood and online nursery websites.

Some online nursery sites can deliver newsletters and email alerts to your email telling you about the latest sale on baby products, discount coupons and new innovations regarding baby care products. This will aid you in getting a lot of great baby products that cost less and will save you a lot of money.

You can get updates on the latest news which are all about children. You will love the stories of other parents and the different ways on how they took care of their kids. If you are a member of one of these online nursery websites, you know how important these sites are in providing great tips and knowledge on baby care.

Tips on Nursery Photography

May 31st, 2011

Nursery photography is not as easy as you think. Taking pictures of babies, toddlers and kids can be quite challenging at times. Most children are not really that interested in having their pictures taken because they would rather run around and play. So here are some tips and guide on how to make your nursery photography easier and take great looking pictures of your kids.

When taking pictures of children, you have to focus your lens on their eyes. This way, you are ensuring that the face of the child is in focus. Plus, you can tell a lot from the expression of the eyes and this holds true even for children. The viewer of the picture also feels a connection to the photo if they can see the eyes of the subject.

The best shots are taken if you are crouching, down on your knees and at level height with kids. If you are taking pictures of toddlers, get down on your tummy. Babies like having adults crouch down on their tummies and you might get a giggle from them. It is guaranteed that your shots on this perspective will be absolutely beautiful.

My Princess Party

Babies and kids up to four years of age can get a little grumpy when they are in front of the camera so you have got to get your play mode going. You want to get the natural joyful expression of the children and they are happiest when they are playing. It is up to you to find ways to get those happy shots.  Other ways to ensure beautiful and candid photographs is to take pictures of your children while doing the things they love.  My daughter recently had a princess birthday party and she was all smiles, ear to ear for the entire day.  She enjoyed wearing her princess costume so much that she fell asleep wearing it!  Make sure to zoom in enough during those special shots to capture your child’s expressions, especially when she’s doing something like blowing out the candles on a birthday cake.

Zoom your camera into the face of your kids until they fill your view finder. You may cut the top of the head or the chin but it’s alright, do not worry about it. What’s important is to get that face shot real close.

Get a good background for your photos. Often we are focused on the kids expression and movements that we forget the background. If you are not aware of the background you may get telephone poles and cable lines that seem to grow from the kid’s head. Take the background into consideration and those photos will turn out gorgeous.

Always be creative in the angles of your shots. You can take pictures from below or from above. You can lay down beside them when they are sleeping and take those shots. It is also important to have fun and enjoy what you are doing.

Some cameras have sports mode where it can capture fast moving subjects. This is essential when taking pictures of children because they like to move. Capture those action moments when your kids are chasing the puppy, splashing in the tub and other playtime activities.

These are just some of the tips that you can use to get those wonderful and artistic shots. Remember to be creative and never impose yourself on the kids, it is much better to have those natural shots with real expression that can tell a lot of story.

Hello world!

May 29th, 2011

Cherished Memories is a blog about our children and making sure we capture those special moments so we have cherished memories for years to come.  I know it is so cliché, but enjoy them while you can because time with the little ones goes by so fast.  The best way to capture each wonderful moment of your children is by taking tons and tons of pictures.  The problem that many parents have is that they do a fine job in taking the pictures, but then they never go to the next step of printing out the pictures. 

This blog will help you take better pictures – which in this instance I mean more candid and more interesting pictures of your children.   Don’t you want to take pictures that you are proud to display in your home?  These pictures you won’t want to relegate to just your digital photo frame. 

Now just don’t take those pictures I have fond memories as a child flipping through the stacks of velvet covered photo albums that were all about my brother and me growing up.  I have two adorable but challenging daughters, Anna is 7 and Allie is 4 and unlike my mom, I have not done a great job in taking their pictures.  This blog will help me focus more on capturing their youth and their innocence and display them in our home. 

With websites like, you can look like an expert photographer even without the training.  Use their site to crop, straighten, turn color pictures into sepia tones or black and white, improve the color tones in the photos and even remove unwanted background noise. 

Get your kids interested in photography by having them take their own pictures of their family and friends.  My oldest daughter’s favorite picture that we feature prominently in her room is of her in her mermaid costume when she was only 4.  She has it framed in this adorable three dimensional mermaid frame and it goes wonderfully in her mermaid themed bedroom.  When your children are really little (say between 2 and 5 years old), you think about purchasing a kid’s digital camera for their own use.  I have to say the quality is not great, but my 4 year old loves her Fisher Price digital camera.  Not only can she take pictures but videos as well.   There appears to be very limited options for children that are older than 6 but not old enough yet for an adult camera.  The Polaroid Pixie is adorable (pink) and has received great reviews.  It can be more difficult to use but kids these days are way more technical savvy than many parents are willing to give them credit for.  You can purchase the Polaroid Pixie at Amazon for around $70.    

For older children, consider getting them an adult inexpensive digital camera.   Encourage your child to display his or her pictures.  You can purchase DIY scrapbook kits which would be a fun project for girls to do with their friends on rainy days, or consider purchasing for your kid’s room either some fun and whimsical photo frames or try something different like the Roommates Peel and Stick Wall Frames.   These innovative products are great for pre-teen and teenage rooms for them to decorate themselves.   Don’t worry mom, these peel and stick picture frame stickers can be place on bedroom walls without nails, tape or any damage to the walls.  They come in a variety of funky styles that your child is sure to love.   I’ve shown a picture of them for you to see.